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Regrets for Syria

Oh Syria, Syria!

What have you done?

Murdering young citizens,

Women and children?

Armless, defenseless and helpless:

Hitting the city in rubble

Turning it into ghost land.

Oh Syria!

Feeding fat into the blood of

The innocents, invading the earth as

to the stranger:

Oh Syria! Will not peace reign?

Children in rubble crying,

Helpless, others dead!

They have done?

What do you build, oh Syria?

Haven’t you fed enough?

Will there be no peace?

Look at your children’s English!

Howl, Syria! cry for your days

they are numbered.

The end of evil!

Can’t you see the blood spilled?

Widowed women!

The children were orphaned!

With his blood you will buy


Where are your humanity from?

The earth cried while you dined

And he came with your allies!

You dine and wine while the

The earth groans.

Being alone, listening to the noise.

Not bleating of sheep but cries of

anguish that you unleash

In your children as they wonder

What was his crime!

Syria is shattered and the world

Set aside.

The gluttonous leaders that are

never satisfied. constant party

Over the blood of the innocent while

The world came and dined and looked the other way

As if nothing was happening!

This is life?

Is this humanity?

When? When will peace return to you, O Syria?

The refugees, longing to return, return to

their volatile homes. Oh how they yearn!

The children, waiting for when they are going to play

in the streets without the sound of gunshots.

You can not see? Look at the terror in his eyes! Oh Syria!

The streets of Damascus are empty, they are desolate!

How long, how long will this go on? Oh Syria!

Enough is enough! World leaders, stand up and speak up!

Speak out against genocide; Speak up for the oppressed

Speak up for those killed in cold blood.

Speak Out Against Injustice: Leaders, Leaders, Speak Out!

May peace reign in Syria, May it be over.

The end of destruction.

The rampant destruction must stop please!

Children are dying! Mothers are dying, fathers are dying.

Who will remain on earth while everyone is gone?

It is not so, it is not so: there must be an end. stop everything

Hostilities and embrace peace Oh Syria!

The path of peace is sweeter, embrace love!

The way of love makes the world a better place.

You must stand up and say no to murder.

Is there no one to talk to? So I lend my voice

For you to have peace, who would be my witness?

To think! To think! To think!

Oh Syria!

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