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Poodles – Trick Performer

Poodles are not only beautiful to look at, but they also have a very endearing type of personality, which is what makes them highly sought after today. As for its physical characteristics, it is a breed that has two different varieties of coat, which are corded and curly, although the corded coat poodle is quite rare in the United States. Poodles also come in three main sizes which are standard, miniature and toy and therefore will also suit different lifestyles. Also, poodles come in a variety of colors, although black and white are the most common colors.

Another facet of a poodle’s personality is their ability to pick things up very quickly and a poodle is also famous for being energetic and will sometimes even be referred to as a clown dog due to its natural ability to perform tricks. Poodles are also highly intelligent and there are even some people who are of the opinion that Poodles are in fact capable of reasoning on their own and can also tune them into whatever environment they encounter. Furthermore, a Poodle is also a very versatile creature and although it was originally bred to retrieve game, it is now famous as a family pet dog.

Poodles are well known for their love of humans and are also very good with children and furthermore their hunting dog characteristics that have stayed with them over the years have also made them ideal guard dogs. especially in the case of a standard poodle. However, miniature poodles, as well as the toy version, will also make good watchdogs and will also be very alert and will quickly warn you if any strangers approach them.

Poodles would also have made excellent watchdogs but their small size is a limiting factor although even then the Poodle is a very fearless animal and also exudes a lot of confidence and is not known to back down easily when confronted with other animals and even strangers. Although poodles are docile creatures, when they are allowed to play with small children, it is advisable to supervise them because in the presence of children who may not know how to treat a poodle, it could be mistreated, which could cause the poodle to lose its trust in children. and, as a consequence, acts unpredictably.

It goes without saying that Poodles make excellent companion dogs that possess good natures and are also highly intelligent dogs that can adapt well to any environment. Poodles love human company and require a lot of attention and love. And once they are showered with love and affection, they will soon develop a strong bond with their owners that will last a lifetime. Also, poodles are not among those dog breeds that like to be put down and will love you more when they are the center of attraction.

Another trait that is commonly found in all Poodles is that they learn tricks very quickly and will respond well to training and their willingness to obey is what sets them apart from other dog breeds. Poodles also love stability and routine and will not like to have their routine changed and should also not be kept in a chaotic environment because that will make them anxious which is not desirable in this breed. Poodles are often considered one man dogs as well as family dogs and are generally shy when approached by strangers. However, once they have been given time to settle into their new homes, Poodles will become more relaxed and make ideal companion dogs.

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