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How Internet Infrastructure Has Evolved in the Netherlands

Internet Infrastructure Has Evolved in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a flat country, making it easy to build the tech infrastructure necessary for high-speed internet. This has allowed it to become a European pioneer in the areas of internet accessibility and net neutrality, and today Dutchies enjoy one of the fastest and most reliable digital networks in the world. But even in this high-tech and progressive nation, not everyone has access to high-speed internet. As we move further into the age of a global connected society, more and more people need unwavering Internet Netherlands connectivity for their work to prosper.

Whether it’s connecting to the cloud for e-commerce, using social media or streaming videos, a stable and fast connection is indispensable. As such, the Dutch are well aware of how important it is to have a first-class digital infrastructure that ensures they can live their lives online without any issues.

As a result, the Dutch have an extensive network of fibre optic connections. In fact, they have the highest rate of broadband connections per 100,000 inhabitants in Europe. The Dutch government has opted for a market-based approach to infrastructure rollout, and it is up to local governments to stimulate operators by removing barriers and facilitating the exchange of best practices.

How Internet Infrastructure Has Evolved in the Netherlands

In addition to the extensive network of cable and fibre, the Dutch also have an extensive mobile connection. This allows them to stay in touch with the rest of the world at all times. This means that they can use apps to make video calls, keep in touch with loved ones and even shop for groceries.

The Dutch have a direct dependency on functioning networks, and it’s crucial that the future networks are reliable, available and secure. This is why the Netherlands is investing in a 5G network, which is significantly faster than previous generations. In addition, the Netherlands is actively accumulating knowledge and experience in the area of digital sovereignty, which is about safeguarding its public interests in data and networks.

As the Dutch economy continues to thrive, it’s important that they have a strong digital infrastructure in place that can handle all the growth that’s coming their way. A state-of-the-art digital network will enable businesses to grow and continue to provide services without interruption. For those businesses that need to pivot during the pandemic, or for the thousands of employees who are shifting to a home office, an unwavering internet connection is essential to success.

Martijn Niessen is the CEO of Ynvolve, a hybrid system integrator specializing in Managed Service Providers (MSPs) across Europe. He has a great deal of experience in the field of data center technology, and understands the importance of a first-class digital infrastructure for the Dutch economy. For this reason, he is an active member of DINL or the Digital Infrastructure Association in the Netherlands, which aims to promote the development of a reliable digital infrastructure for the Netherlands. DINL works with companies like Ynvolve because they both know that the right digital infrastructure is essential for the Dutch economy to remain at the forefront of the world’s digital revolution.

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