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A whole roasted hazelnut encased in delicious chocolate and hazelnut, surrounded by fine wafers and crisp almonds. The original Ferrero Rocher has become a symbol of the joys and dreams of all those who love and value the good things in life, and it is often seen as the perfect gift for loved ones.

Its pleasing presentation and the beautiful wrapping make it a popular choice among those who are looking for the ideal gift to give their friends, loved ones and family in Sri Lanka. It is also a highly sought-after item for use in corporate events and weddings.

The ferrero Rocher Company’s global sales have grown by over 200% in the past ten years, with 80% coming from outside of Europe. This trend is expected to continue, with Asia now the company’s number one market. The Company is focused on expanding its presence in this region, and has been introducing more products that are Halal certified, which will increase the potential market within predominantly Muslim countries, including Sri Lanka.


Founded in Alba, Italy, in 1946, the Ferrero Group has been delighting consumers around the world with premium, one-of-a-kind confections. Today, the company offers a unique portfolio of products that includes iconic Ferrero Rocher, lusciously layered Raffaello and delicious dark chocolate Rondnoir.

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In the realm of confectionery, where taste meets elegance, the Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Collection stands as an epitome of indulgence. Crafted with precision, this iconic collection has transcended the boundaries of mere chocolates, becoming a symbol of sophistication and refined taste.

At the heart of the Ferrero Rocher experience is the artful combination of premium ingredients. Each golden-hued sphere is a delicate masterpiece, featuring a whole roasted hazelnut encased in a layer of smooth hazelnut cream, enrobed in a thin wafer shell and luxuriously coated with a layer of rich milk chocolate and crunchy chopped hazelnuts. The symphony of textures and flavors creates a sensory journey that begins with the satisfying crunch of the outer layer, leading to the creamy center and culminating in the lingering taste of roasted hazelnuts.

What sets the Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Collection apart is not just the delectable taste, but the meticulous attention to detail in its presentation. The iconic gold foil wrapping, coupled with the elegant transparent box, showcases the chocolates like precious gems. Opening the box is an experience in itself, as the golden wrappers promise a treasure trove of delights within. This thoughtful packaging elevates the act of savoring these chocolates to a moment of opulence and grandeur.

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