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What skills and experience should a Black Russian Terrier breeder have?

If you want to keep a Black Russian Terrier as a lovely pet that will bring you a lot of pleasure, then you need to be sensitive in selecting a Black Russian Terrier breeder. The role is very important because it is the breeder who can provide you with healthy, intelligent puppies free of genetic problems. Getting a puppy is not as easy as buying a book in a bookstore. You may suffer loss of money and disappointment in what you expect from your dog.

A Black Russian Terrier breeder must have certain skills and practices in the field of dog genetics and breeding. As genetics is a branch of bioscience that examines the effects and changes that occur within DNA and genes as a result of breeding or interbreeding within a particular species of living organisms, therefore, a breeder must be well acquainted with knowledge of genetics.

The practical experience of the breeder matters a lot while we have to select a breeder. And it is not only necessary in the case of the Black Russian Terrier breeder but it is also important for any breeder of animals, birds or plants. Why is having practical experience so important? Why isn’t just familiarity with the science of genetics enough for a breeder? So far it refers to breeding; a breeder who has years and years of experience in this field knows well, based on past experiments, the results that would emerge from a breed bred under a particular sire and dam combination.

Therefore, one should never purchase a Black Russian Terrier puppy until meeting and discussing with a breeder. He is the person who can tell about the specific abilities and genetic heritage of his cub. Knowing this is also important for feeding and caring for your puppy as recommended by your Black Russian Terrier breeder.

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