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What is WvW?

World versus World (also known as WvW) is a type of PvP game where players from 3 different servers battle in the Mist for server rewards and bonuses.

The servers in WvW were matched based on ranking, so servers with the same “skill level” will play against each other, ensuring fairness.

WvW is designed to allow players to participate in PvP, on a massive scale, without many of the usual PvP restrictions that other MMORPGs had in the past. An example of this is the ability to participate immediately after finishing the tutorial with boost at level 80.

Also, the massive PvP scale of the gameplay will take the “pressure” off of individual player performance (though still important) and put more emphasis on “Team” or “Server”.

How is WvW scored?

WvW matches take place on four huge maps containing four different types of objectives.

Every 5 minutes, the objectives controlled by each server are added and added to the accumulated war score of that server. The goal of WvW is to achieve a higher war score than the opposing servers at the end of the two-week battle.

The following are the type of goals and how many points each are worth.

Resource Camps – 5

Towers – 10

Holds – 25

Stone Mist Castle: 50 points

Each type of target also has different types of defenses:

Resource Camps: Guards

Torres – Walls, Door, Lord

Guard – Walls, Door, Lord

Castle: walls, inner walls, door, lord – elite

Any objective can be defended by players on the server that the objective belongs to.

The gates and walls of towers and fortresses are very strong and require a concerted effort to destroy them.

Siege weapons are therefore an important part of any assault, as they can be used to take down obstacles much faster than the players alone.

The following siege weapons are available:

Arrow Chariot – Fires a volley of arrows that deal significant damage to players, but are weak against structures.

Ballista – Fires a giant beam that deals heavy damage to structures and players in its path.

Catapult – Great for dealing with clustered walls, doors, and enemies.

Flame Ram – Ram the doors at close range, dealing heavy damage to them.

Siege Golem – Slow and short-ranged, but capable of dealing significant damage.

Trebuchet – Long-range rock thrower capable of dealing significant damage to both players and structures.

Provisioning is a special resource in WvW that is used for the following:

Construction of siege weapons.

Repair of doors and walls of towers, turrets and Stonemist Castle.

Purchase defensive upgrades from a quartermaster.

Each tower, keep, and castle has a supply pool, which is automatically replenished by supply caravans (Dolyak) traveling from the resource camps.

A supply reserve will allow defenders to keep their doors and walls repaired. Therefore, when storming a fortress it is important to destroy any supply caravans attempting to deliver supplies. Also, when defending a fortress against an assault, supply caravans must be protected.

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