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Truck tarpaulin systems

There are several types of truck tarp (tarp) systems that make it easy to cover a truck load. The most popular tarp systems are the front-to-back or side-to-side systems. All these systems secure the load on the truck bed easily and safely.

Front-to-back tarp systems feature long metal arms that hold the tarp in place. Some tarp systems cause the tarp to roll into a cylinder behind the cab when not covering the bed, while other systems place the rolled tarp over the cab of the truck. Front-to-back systems can be manual or automatic. Automatic tarp systems have a switch in the cab that the operator rotates to set the tarp in place. The tarp is then placed over the bed and secured at the back with the metal arms. Manual systems are similar, but feature a crank that the operator turns to move the arms and tarp into place. Front-to-back automatic systems cost at least $ 650 plus the cost of the tarp. Manual systems are significantly less expensive, starting at around $ 150 plus the price of the tarp.

Side-to-side tarp systems are not used as much as front-to-back systems, but they are just as safe. Side-to-side canvas systems operate on the same principles as front-to-back systems, with metal arms pulling and then securing the canvas in place. Side-by-side systems also come in manual and automatic models, as with front-to-rear models. Interested consumers should contact a local vendor or online vendor to find out how much a custom side-by-side tarp system will cost for their truck.

Tarpaulin systems make it much faster and easier to secure loads on truck beds. Whether using an automatic or manual system, tarpaulin systems are a good investment.

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