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Through the Katrina’s Eyes Poems of an Animal Rescuer’s Soul

Captivating read… Highly recommended… 5 stars

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The animal writer/activist says: ‘This Book of Remembrance is dedicated to all the victims of Katrina, both human and non-human, both living and deceased, who endured a hellish nightmare most of us can only imagine; and to the many compassionate souls who rushed to help them, in whatever way they could.’

Through the poems of an animal’s Katrina’s Eyes, Rescuer’s Soul is a collection of poetic works that begin with Immanuel Kant’s haunting words: “Our eyes are the windows to our soul.” Poet Kostro’s first offering is Through Katrina’s Eyes, in which he brings the reader face to face with the horror, the terror, the death of hope, and the utter and total discouragement of many of those four-legged beings. devastated by Katrina. The critters were sometimes left behind by those who thought they would soon return, others were left behind, and by so-called human rescuers who insisted the animals could not accompany those who had brought them with them from their homes to supposed safety.

The Old Man and His Dog and The Woman and Her Daughter are filled with the poignant hope that we humans hold, and to which our children respond so well. Other offerings include Katrina’s Highway. Pet Rescue Camp, Message in a Bottle and Mangy Dog. A sweet loving dog is shown in the words of One Eyed Jack, and a grimly determined cat comes to mind when we read The Ancient Traveler. The joy of reunion is offered in A Vet and His Pet, while Heavenly Touch shows the anguish of being snatched from his loving master’s arms by a heartless ‘rescuer’ before he, too, is returned to his loving owners, while that renewed happiness from adoption is found in the words of Get Shorty. Poet Kostro’s own adoption record is evident in Autumn in St. Louis, Eddie, Tater, and A Flower Blooms in Winter. The plight of the lucky, saved, ‘left behind’ is shown in Help and Paradise Lost, in which writer Kostro confronts the reader with the urgency of so many now rescued but living in barnyards and in need of homes. Kostro’s poetry closes with the poignant wish: “We rescuers pray that our government has become much wiser.” We pray that owners are never forced to leave them behind again.

This critic knows well the poetry and love for animals of the writer Kostro. Kostro includes not only his own poetic works, but also some background and ‘color’ information about his volunteering in the rescue effort after pet owners were forced to evacuate and leave behind companions. they shared their lives. Kostro also includes quotes from several well-known figures from history and today about bugs and the role they share in our lives.

Through the poems of an animal’s Katrina’s Eyes, Rescuer’s Soul is a compelling read that draws the reader into both the desperation and optimism of the rescuers and the confused and anxious left behind. The poems are not always easy to read, as we find discouragement and hopelessness represented in stark realism. The joy of reunion or adoption restores the reader’s ability to better deal with the grimly portrayed despair.

Great poetry, great message. A book for everyone. Bug lovers won’t need any encouragement to shop, read, and read again. Those for whom bugs are just something that we humans have ‘domain’ over can begin to better understand the early writers who actually said that bugs are here towards which we presumptuous ‘intelligent’ beings must show a respect. compassionate care.

Excellent addition to personal reading shelf, school library, therapist’s shelf, and reader’s learning. A portion of the proceeds will go towards pet rescue efforts.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.

Reviewed By: Molly Martin

Genre: Poetry compilation

Author: Ed Kostro

Online Booklocker/Publisher, PO Box 2399, Bangor, ME 04402

$7 – $12 Available from the author, Booklocker, elsewhere on the web. Printed formats and eBook.

ISBN: 1591138671

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