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Safety information on the oral contraceptive pill

Some women criticize birth control pills saying they are not safe and increase the risk of health complications. Agree or disagree, the pill is the safest form of contraceptive coverage available and has protected more women from getting pregnant than any other method of contraception. Microgynon is among the many birth control pills that have set the benchmark for safety and reliability. It is a combined oral contraceptive pill (COC) that contains a synthetic progestin and estrogen.

How do I know if Microgynon is safe for me?

The same birth control pill can produce different results in different women, although it is one of the safest hormonal contraceptives available. Since they interfere with the body’s hormonal function, it is difficult to predict the exact effect it will have on the user. Talking to a doctor is a tricky way to find the right pill for you. Your doctor may prescribe Microgynon if you do not have:

Blood clot problems

Systematic lupus erythematosus

Heart valve condition

History of breast cancer, gallstones, stroke, heart attack, or liver problems.

Severe diabetes

Genital tract cancer

Rotor syndrome

High blood pressure

Microgynon should not be taken if you are obese or over 50 years old. Women who smoke heavily should also not take the drug. Talk to a doctor to learn more about the precautions to take while using combination birth control pills.

Understand the risk of deep vein thrombosis

Microgynon contains ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel as active ingredients. Ethinylestradiol is a synthetic estrogen and levonorgestrel is a second-generation synthetic progestin. Compared to single-hormone pills, these combination pills carry a higher risk of developing deep vein thrombosis. The risk is usually highest during the first year of pregnancy and you should adopt hormonal contraception only when requested by your doctor.

Safety after surgery

Post-surgical safety measures should be taken when using birth control pills. It is advisable not to start a regular contraceptive regimen with Microgynon immediately after surgery, particularly leg surgery. Wait for a full recovery and then start taking the pill.

Microgynon and pregnancy

Pregnancy is a delicate phase in a woman’s life and it is highly recommended that she refrain from using hormonal contraceptive measures during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Do not take Microgynon pills even if you plan to get pregnant. Taking the medicine while breastfeeding can harm the baby. This is because estrogen tends to affect breast milk production. Most doctors recommend a progestin-only pill for women who are breastfeeding their babies.

Microgynon Availability

Like many other oral contraceptives, Microgynon is also available online at online clinics. You just need to visit such a clinic and select a package of your choice. You can choose with a smaller pack to start and then decide whether or not you want to continue the drug long-term. Once you select your package, you will need to proceed to the free medical consultation page where you must provide details of your present and past health conditions along with your birth control preferences. Then an EU registered doctor will thoroughly assess your health before approving treatment for you. If you are deemed eligible to take Microgynon, a prescription will first be mailed to you, followed by the next day delivery of the medication in discreet packaging.

Ordering Microgynon online guarantees convenience and confidentiality. You can simply leave the pill at home. Make sure you have an extra pack of pills on hand so you don’t miss a single dose after your current pack runs out.

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