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Prostitution generally involves men who pay for sex

There have always been some women who are willing to offer sex to men on demand. But they want to get paid. By far the most common form of prostitution involves women providing sexual services to men. The second most common is among gay men (4% of the male population). Women pay male escorts for companionship rather than sex. Prostitution is less common among homosexual women (2% of the female population).

Society sends positive messages for girls to be wives and mothers. They are not admired for being sexual women as lovers or prostitutes. Women are embarrassed by references to the so-called pleasure neighborhood, which turns sex into a transaction and implies that the role of women is to be a sexual good for male consumption. In the red light district of any city (often near the train station), women are employed to provide men with sexual pleasure or simply sexual relief. Women often turn to prostitution as a last resort and out of desperation. Most women want a loving relationship. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy the platonic and loving intimacy (based on affection) that women expect when they love someone.

The men who are most likely to turn to prostitution are under thirty and less educated than the average. Some men pay for sex as easily as they would for a massage. Many more men would likely pay for sex if it weren’t for the social taboo. Cheaper prostitutes don’t feel compelled to pretend to be aroused. A more classy prostitute may be more proactive, but only because she is paid. Women’s responses to a lover involve conscious behaviors, which are based on motivation, not natural responses to eroticism.

Men fantasize about ‘threesomes’: sex with a man and two women. A man does not want male competition. Men need to recover after orgasm before they can become aroused again. A man feels safe in a harem because he is the only man. In a swing situation, women can have more partners than a man because they are not aroused and do not orgasm with a lover.

Some men seek an emotional connection. Many men are opposed to paying for sexual relief. The most educated man prefers to think that someone has sex with him because he likes it. Sex can be more interesting when you know something about a lover. Educated men can find an unsatisfying prostitute because they want a lover to appreciate their sexual act.

Prostitutes ejaculate (coinciding with male orgasm) with a client. Prostitutes do not orgasm with a lover. A prostitute is someone who hooks or catches clients. Most women would never be prostitutes, even if they were well paid. Prostitution is dangerous work and the risk of assault is high. Men resent prostitutes because they earn money from men’s needs.

If women were to experience orgasm with a lover, prostitution as we know it would not exist. A woman can care for many men almost indefinitely because she does not experience arousal, orgasm, or recovery period. No one can have an orgasm on request, but a hole can be offered at any time. At the most basic level, heterosexual activity involves a woman allowing a man to ejaculate in one of her orifices: her vagina, her mouth, or her anus.

Men generate the demand for prostitution, but it is women who are ashamed of the activity. Men, as in many sexual contacts, can remain anonymous, but women (for their own protection) must be declared and held accountable. Prostitution annoys women, but men do not disapprove of it. Prostitution is a service that allows men to enjoy sexual liberation with a partner. It is naive to think that prostitution could ever be abolished. Some men (regardless of their marital status) will always be willing to pay women for sex.

Some men want more specific sexual services related to a fetish or perversion. Even men can be ashamed of their answers. Women in the sex industry satisfy these sexual needs. This service prevents other less worldly women from having to compromise with the true nature of some men’s carnal needs. Much of the violence that men show towards prostitutes reflects their frustration at not getting the sex they need from their partners.

In most countries, prostitution is illegal. Holland and Germany are notable exceptions. Some people believe that legalizing prostitution is tantamount to condoning the practice of men paying to use women’s bodies for sex. Others support decriminalization, which offers prostitutes (who register) a safer work environment, medical support but in exchange for paying taxes. Prostitutes have been re-labeled as sex workers, but prostitution is still linked to organized crime, violence, kidnapping and slavery. The problem is brothel owners and pimps who exploit and abuse. Women make money from men by offering services, sex chat or nude pictures, but men make a lot of money. Men know exactly what other men want.

We find that about 69 percent of the total, while the male population eventually has some experience with prostitutes. Many of these men, however, never have more than one experience or two, and no more than 15 to 20 percent of them have such relationships more often than a few times a year, for a period of up to five years. In their lifes. This means that there is almost a third (31%) of the population who have never had any type of sexual contact with prostitutes. (Alfred Kinsey 1948)

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