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Premature Ejaculation and the LIBRA Technique – Learn How to Stop Ejaculation Control Problems Fast!

Start learning how to prevent ejaculation from ruining your sex life by learning and practicing this carefully designed exercise and before you know it, you’ll have your partner screaming for more and you’ll be able to deliver the goods.

After you have learned this exercise you will do it;

  • Know your sexual arousal levels and triggers better than now
  • Feel more secure between the sheets with your partner
  • Be on the right track to know how to stop ejaculation problems in the very near future.

So let’s start with the exercise…

LIBRA Technician– Your personal scale from 1 to 10 -POUNDas in the zodiacal sign (the “scales”)

What I mean by this is that every man has a scale or a changing degree of sexual arousal, stimulation, and final climax.

Let’s say “1” is where your penis is totally flaccid, with no visible erection, and you are not switched on. A “5” could be where your penis is fully erect, you are mentally and physically sexually aroused at a high level.

A “5” is roughly where a man falls on the scale while having penetrative sex with his partner, or perhaps receiving oral sex from his partner.

The exact scale differs with each man, but the basic principles and internships remains the same. But with practice during masturbation, you will begin to learn your own scale

It will take practice to start figuring out the scale in your head, but with time and patience, it will become second nature to you.

So you can expect the following benefits;

  • Easily last longer in bed with your partner in a matter of days.
  • Constantly know how close you are to climax and know when to back off
  • Take control of your sexual urges and arousal levels better than ever

Now that you know how to stop ejaculation problems by learning and mastering exercises like this, you’re ready to go to the next level.

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