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Out of the ordinary baby shower ideas

Think of a baby shower, and you think of a bargain of women laughing and joking while the expectant mother opens her presents. This is what traditional baby showers are like, but there is no rule that says this is exactly how they have to be. Adventurous girls these days go off the beaten track to search for party ideas for their shower. If you think the whole laugh-out-loud scene is a bit cheesy, you’ll enjoy these baby shower ideas different complete with baby shower favors, food, and decorations.

There has always been an unwritten rule that baby showers are strictly women’s territory, and men can’t get in. But like the bachelorette party, these conventions are being missed by modern moms who want to celebrate the arrival of their baby with male friends, relatives, and husband in tow. If you are looking to host a nice party for your sister or friends, invite your male friends and make sure your husband has a prominent place to play in the proceedings.

A mixed shower will require some changes in the type of activities you plan for the shower. Games should be developed to include male guests, and baby shower favors should include items that men like. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about favors – you will easily find plenty of gifts for the guys.

Or plan a couple shower. Ditch the traditional shower tables and plan a formal dinner for the expectant parents and their friends. If you are hosting the party for your friends, remember to ask guests to bring baby gifts of their choice or to make suggestions based on what the mother needs. You want to have some shower items to set it apart from just another party. Baby gift baskets, baby bouquets, and other assortment collections are always a great choice.

If sitting down to dinner isn’t your style, invite a couple of parent friends for a casual brunch at their home. If it’s summer maybe an afternoon outside grilling steaks … the only rule is that there are no rules. Smaller intimate dinners like these give mom a chance to relax with her closest friends and are perfect especially if you know mom has struggled with her pregnancy and might be overwhelmed with a traditional baby shower.

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