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Maintenance of cast stone exterior fountains

An outdoor fountain creates a made-to-order landscaping focal point for your lawn or garden, while the sights and sounds of flowing water add a comforting and peaceful environment. Outdoor fountains made of cast stone, which is essentially artificial limestone, are more elegant and with minimal care, they will last for decades. The following care and maintenance tips are for Henri Studios fountains and statues, but also apply to any outdoor cast stone products.

Common maintenance of cast stone fountains

Little or nothing should be done to protect the finish of cast stone or concrete fountains and statues. Many people find that the inevitable aging and wear of natural stone is attractive. However, this wear and tear can be mitigated, if desired, by applying a clear concrete sealer available at any hardware store.

Several Henri Studio finished fountains and statues have been painted with penetrating sealer-type colors that are designed to withstand the elements for many years. However, the clear sheen of a painted fountain can be seasonally revived with a light coat of spray sealer. Do not use spray sealer on a dish with a tinted finish.

To hide minor dents, nicks, or scratches, use just a little bit of almost any type of paint. For finishes that use an antique black effect, use black paint; for lighter antiques, use white. Just lightly touch the paint over the scratch and wipe off the excess. The textured finishes of Henri cast stone products are easily painted and their touch-up will blend invisibly.

Depending on temperature and evaporation, you may notice a build-up of white deposit (lime) on the outside of a container or shell. Such build-up is standard and unavoidable in areas with high mineral content, especially lime, in the neighborhood water supply. A greater rinse of the fountain and a change of water will help reduce the difficulty.

When lime build-up finally becomes unsightly on a painted container or shell, it can be removed safely and easily with Henri Studio Fountain Cleaner and Lime Remover. This product is not a water additive, but a surface cleaner explicitly intended to remove limescale without disturbing the surface of the fountain. Do not use lime remover on a fountain with a stained finish.

To keep the fountain water clean of unattractive sludge, algae and dirt, simply use the Henri Water Clarifier. It also prevents the fountain water from getting dirty and thus will also improve the efficiency of the filter in your submersible pump.


Sudden and severe changes in temperature and humidity adversely affect all stone and concrete. Cast stone and concrete have an inherent inclination to swell and contract with weather conditions.

However, Henri Studio’s cast stone products have been manufactured with climatic conditions in mind. The cast stone mix includes fibers and mechanical ingredients that enhance the resilient qualities of cast stone. Occasionally, non-damaging surface cracks may arise, but your Henri Studio Cast Stone Fountain will not crack as a result of the weather if the following simple rules are followed:

  • Do not allow debris to accumulate and freeze in fountains or shells.
  • Do not allow water to collect and freeze in pots, saucers, or birdbaths.
  • Do not allow statues or pedestals to sit in a pool of ice.
  • Cast stone products that are exposed under icing conditions can crack or crack due to the mechanical force of water solidifying and expanding along the exterior concrete.

Important: If your Henri Studio fountain, birdbath, planter or statues cannot be kept indoors during the winter time of year, you must at least protect it from ice build-up or exposure.

How to prepare for winter:

For fountains, first remove the statue and the bomb (keep them inside if possible). Then fill the bowls or shells with an absorbent material, such as burlap bags or blankets. Then cover the entire fountain with a Henri Studio fountain cover. If condensation forms inside the cover, it will be absorbed by the fabric.

For bird baths, planters or statues, place the pieces on high ground where a pool of ice won’t form, then cover them with a Henri Studio fountain cover.

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