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Internet Marketing Course: 6 Viral Marketing Ideas to Generate Traffic

The power of viral marketing has been deployed by many internet marketers as well as large corporations due to its huge impact in generating traffic. In this article, I’ll offer some viral marketing ideas to help drive more traffic to your website or blog.

What is Viral Marketing?

It simply means the spread of viral content (across the Internet in this context) like wildfire. For example, remember the first America Idol hopeful, William Hung? After it appeared on national television, the news, emails and videos of it spread like wildfire and marketers were able to make a lot of money from it very quickly.

The following are 6 ideas you can use for viral marketing content creation:

1. Create a quiz

People love quizzes. That’s one of the reasons why Sudoku was an instant hit when it was released. You can embed some quizzes on your website to attract visitors who will then share the site with their friends.

2. Find a viral photo

Share an interesting photo that is related to your niche. Let’s say you’re in the dog training niche, you can post a photo of a puppy playing on an iPad. Dog lovers can start forwarding your site to their group of friends.

3. Find a viral video

The success of YouTube shows how popular video marketing is. You can create your own video or just compile a collection of those found on YouTube, which also takes care of the bandwidth for you.

4. Incorporate a Web Tool

There are many web tools that are useful to your visitors. Let’s say you are in a Real Estate niche. You can provide a free mortgage calculator on your website that will continue to attract visitors because it is useful to them.

5. Teach people something

One of the main reasons people go online is to get information or to learn something. For example, you may have a web page that provides the essential steps for “How to Start a Blog.” That will give you very targeted traffic somehow.

6. Be very, very funny

Humor is huge on the internet. If you could share a funny drawing or illustration about an important event in the city, instant traffic generation is inevitable. Just look at the speed of the funny cartoons that were broadcast during the election period.

Again, viral marketing is very effective. Try to think outside the box constantly and you may have found an easy way to drive more traffic to your website or blog.

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