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How to put romantic goosebumps on a man: thrill him emotionally and sexually

A good romantic movie always tries to give you the most romantic goosebumps. Because the more romantic goosebumps give you, the more compliments you get. That’s why movie directors are always trying to show those exciting romantic scenes that give you goosebumps.

If you want your married life to be full of passionate love, you have to think like a romantic movie director / writer. You have to give your man the ultimate romantic goosebumps through emotional and sexual ways.

Emotional ways

You have to excite your man’s emotions by giving him romantic goosebumps in an emotional way. You have to light a fire in your emotions and feelings.

You can do this work in many ways, but you should adopt only those specific ways that have a great influence on men. Because your ultimate goal is to force your man to love you.

First I would like to give you an example of magic. Magic always has a very profound effect on ordinary people. Magic tricks dominate people’s thinking and do not allow them to easily escape from their magical circulation. They create a profound impact on the human mind and emotions. So whenever we see a brilliant magic trick, we get goose bumps. We keep thinking about that trick and do our best to learn it.

As a magician, you must also adopt those specific forms that create a great emotional impact on men. Here I am going to tell you some tips that you can use to excite your emotions.

(a) Do exciting activities at home. Exciting activities activate a man emotionally and cause a magnetic storm in his feelings. There are many exciting activities you can do at home. For example: Make up a new dance with your husband, dance in your pajamas, play hide and seek, learn something special and new like a violin, or watch romantic movies.

(b) Intensify your desire. This is very typical advice, because details matter in this advice. You intensify their desires through the details. For example: you whisper into his ears, give him special respect in front of others, ask for his opinion, look at him and stare at him for at least 15 seconds with a mysterious smile and treat him like your king.

Your real goal is to excite him and intensify his desire. The more you excite your emotions and intensify your desires, the more romantic goosebumps will give you.

Sexual ways

It is very easy to turn sexually against a man, but it is very difficult to keep him in a sexual state. You can easily put him in a sexual mood, just by dressing sexy, and force him to make love to you, but you can’t give him romantic goosebumps this way. To give him romantic goosebumps, you have to keep him in a sexual state for quite some time. And this can only happen with some exciting sexual movements.

Here I am going to reveal some exciting sex moves that can give your man romantic goosebumps. After reading these sex moves below, it can bring a magnetic sex storm on your feelings.

– Apply his favorite juice on your lips and give him a passionate kiss while you rub the nape of his neck.

– Kiss between a man’s chin and Adam’s apple. It is your erotic erogenous zone.

– Be a sexual lioness in all your sexual movements. Roar like a lioness during foreplay and give her an animal challenge. When you act like a wild sexual lioness, you always give her the creeps.

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