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How Big Are Kids Beach Towels?

Beach Towels

The right kids beach towel can make all the difference at a sunny day at the beach, the pool or your backyard. Not only are they big enough to cover most of your child, but many kids hooded towels feature a soft, absorbent fabric that’s gentle on sensitive skin and can keep them warm and dry even after hours of splashing in chlorinated water. They also come in an array of fun summer colors and patterns that complement your child’s style.

Kids Beach Towels have to do a lot. They must provide a comfortable barrier between your child and the ground (their primary function), absorb water quickly, dry quickly, double as a fashionable head wrap or pareo and shawl, and be light enough to be carried around from morning to night without adding too much to your kid’s already-heavy backpack. It’s no surprise, then, that a high-quality beach towel is made from materials like cotton and microfiber that are not only durable but are also incredibly soft and comfortable against delicate child skin.

Kids can be hard on towels, so they must be able to handle whatever they throw at them. They can tug at them, snag them on things and even drop food and drink onto them. A beach towel must be able to take it all in stride, which is why we recommend choosing a towel with a medium 350 GSM or higher. A higher GSM is a sign of superior quality that can help your towel last longer, while a lower GSM may be prone to fraying after only a few uses.

How Big Are Kids Beach Towels?

Another thing that’s important to look for in a beach towel is the yarn type and weave. A higher percentage of cotton in a towel will ensure that it stays soft and absorbent even after repeated washings, while a cotton/polyester blend will typically feel more like a bath towel. Weave and yarn-type are also important for determining how breathable, lightweight and quick-drying a towel will be.

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to choose a towel with a sand-resistant coating. There is nothing worse than hopping out of the ocean or pool only to be covered in sand. A sand-resistant beach towel will ensure that your kids don’t get sand stuck in their hair, eyes and nose, which is especially important for babies who have extremely sensitive skin.

Whether you’re looking for a new beach towel for your son or daughter, a family vacation or just a day of sun and surf, Pottery Barn has the perfect kids hooded towels to fit the bill. Browse our selection online today to find the perfect towel for your summer adventures and don’t forget to pick up some other beach essentials like wet/dry bags, water bottles, sunscreen and toys to make your day at the beach or pool the perfect one!

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