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Flash Games: 10 ways to make money creating them!

If you like creating flash games for fun or as a hobby, why not make money from it? I made some flash games and thought why not make money with them. So I did! I will tell you 10 ways to make money with them in this article.

First of all, the software you use to create games is Adobe Flash. It costs quite a bit, but it’s worth every penny if you know how to maximize it to its full extent. You can look for tutorials on other websites to learn how to make games like Flashkit. On my website, I post video tutorials on how to do something in flash from time to time, so check it out from time to time.

Alright, now to get down to business, the scenario is that you have created a great flash game that you want to make money from.

1. You can get the game sponsored by other gaming website. This means that the other website will pay you money in exchange for putting their logos and links in the game. You might be thinking why they would do that, well it’s because people who played the game can get to their website through a link and therefore the other website could make money from ad revenue or other means. How much you get paid depends on how good the game is, so it could range from $50 to $2000 or more. Different websites pay different amounts of money, their website usually contains information about how much they pay. Some sponsors are ArmorGames, CrazyMonkeyGames and FlashRage. This is a definite way to get some cash for your hard work.

two. If you have your own website then in your game link to your website to get traffic to your website after you have submitted to some game portals like Newgrounds. On your own website, place some ads so that when visitors come to the game, they can click on the ads and earn more money.

3. In your game, you can place Mochi ads so that every time a player plays the game, you get ad revenue. Mochi Ads is the world’s first ad network for casual games and is currently only accepting some developers, so you can apply now and get online. Even if your game is placed on other websites, the ads are still displayed, so you still get money.

Four. Some gaming websites offer contests and prizes for the best games, such as Newgrounds. Check them out from time to time for new contests. In this way, a higher amount of money is usually offered (depends on the contest that the website organizes) than sponsoring a game; however, if you don’t win, you may not get any money.

5. Some websites also offer part of their website ad revenue if you submit the game to them. This is a great way to get some money for your game. Some websites that offer this are GameGum.

6. If a lot of players play the game a lot, then some websites will pay you quite a bit of money for a non-exclusive license, which means they put their logo on the game but unlike sponsorship, the copy of the game is only allowed to display on your website so you can sell a lot of non-exclusive licenses if the game is good enough.

7. If the game is extremely brilliant and played a lot, then you could win some prizes for the game and get some cash from the prizes. If you win a prize, your play will count towards other prizes as well.

8. If you win some awards, people will take a particular look at the big game companies and they may ask you to make games for them on a contract basis or get paid for each game you create. You may even be asked to make console games!

9. The game if it gets enough awards and a lot of people notice it could become a console game and you would make a lot of money through that however this can only become a reality with an extremely good game that has the potential to become in a console game.

10 You could make a demo version of the game and if people want to play the full version, they have to buy it. This could make a lot of money as if players like the game they will buy it and you can sell the game as many times as you want to make a lot of money.

Hope you take some useful information from this article. Now that was 10 ways to make money with flash games and there are many more in the world, go and find out!

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