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Dos and Don’ts of Weightlifting

Strength training is the staple of many fitness programs and is necessary in any balanced routine. Lifting weights is not as easy as running, and many times, there is no instructor to lead the way.

Here are some strength training dos and don’ts to help along the way:


one. Technical practice before adding weight

A program is much more effective if the form is correct, rather than the weight being heavy. Reduce the risk of injury by practicing the form.

two. Wear gloves with wrist cuffs.

The gloves prevent calluses from forming and the wrist wraps protect your wrists from injury. You can buy gloves with built-in straps.

3. Remember to breathe.

The best breathing technique is to exhale during the effort. This means exhaling during the lift and inhaling on the negative rep or on the way back to the starting position. Holding your breath will increase your blood pressure and cause dizziness.

not to do

one. Balance the weights.

If it sways, the weight is too heavy. Putting more pressure on the joints and ligaments instead of concentrating the lift on the muscle is counterproductive and WILL result in injury.

two. Pick up before eating.

Some people do cardio in the morning before eating, but don’t try this with weights. Lifting requires energy, and strength training without calories to burn will make the lifts weak. You will not raise your full potential.

3. Lift weights every day.

The body requires 48 hours of rest to repair and recover the worked muscles. Exercising with a sore body won’t give your muscles a chance to grow and get stronger.

If you’ve never lifted weights before, I definitely recommend it, but first, do some research or hire a personal trainer. Strength training is very beneficial but it also takes time to learn and perfect.


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