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Carleton Sheets – Biography of a Real Estate Investment Educator

Breaking into the real estate market isn’t an easy task, but with the help of Carleton H. Sheets, it can be a lot easier. Author of the bestselling No Down Payment program, Sheets enables the public to benefit from his expertise in making millions in real estate. Its no down payment home study course has been successful for decades and continues to provide educational opportunities to the public through its home study courses and online learning.

Carleton Sheets was born in Illinois, where he lived for several years with his parents and younger brother before moving to Ohio. He went to college, graduated, and eventually got married and had two children. During his career he has moved throughout the United States with his various positions within the workforce. He has lived in Illinois, Ohio, California, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida.

His entrepreneurial spirit began when he was a child when he took the initiative to mow the lawn and deliver newspapers in the neighborhood for extra money. He borrowed money from his parents to start his business and paid it back as he earned money. When he was ready to enter the corporate world, he held a position at Armstrong Cork and later at Lykes Pasco, where he was fired for not having enough experience.

He then decided to venture into the real estate world where he got off to a rocky start. After obtaining his real estate license, he attempted to sell commercial properties starting with an apartment building. This was unsuccessful as the building needed some work. Carleton took this as a sign and used his contacts to negotiate a partnership in order to purchase the building himself. Carleton had his partners contribute all the money while he took the lead in setting up the deal and coordinating it. A year and a half later, the building was sold at a profit that was divided into three.

After five years of similar investment opportunities with and without partners, Carleton’s status as a successful real estate investor skyrocketed. He now owned nearly five hundred rental units. He earned a reputation for finding lucrative businesses, building creative financing procedures, rehabilitating properties, and selling them at a profit.

The more successful she was, the more she wanted to give back to the community and allow others to benefit from her experience. He was the author and co-author of courses for both the National Association of Realtors and the Institute for Syndication and Real Estate Values. He also taught real estate investment strategies to the local community.

In 1984, No Money Down was born. In association with the Professional Education Institute, or PEI, Carlton Sheets launched a campaign to market his program to the masses. He entered the lecture circuit, was invited to a variety of television and radio talk shows, appeared in magazines, and had the longest infomercial ever. Today, he is semi-retired but still continues to invest and write. Recently, he modified his courses to adapt them to the Internet as a means for millions of people to access and learn from his knowledge in real estate, all free of charge.

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