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Can advergaming save your business?

Research has shown that 42% of people who play games online do so for one or more hours per week. Fifty percent of people who play advergames do so for an average of 25 minutes. Ninety percent of the people who get advergame challenges from someone they know will play the advergame.

So what do these statistics mean for companies that use advergames? For starters, more revenue, increased brand exposure, and a positive ROI. The advergame sponsored by a company can incorporate corporate colors, logos, products and advertising messages. Advergames can live on a website, and are even successfully starting to exist as an app on mobile phones.

Confused about what exactly is an advergame? An advergame is a web or mobile-based game that incorporates and features advertising and promotion of a sponsoring company’s products and services. In simpler terms, advergames are interactive games that a company distributes for consumers to play. The goal of an advergame is to provide promotional incentives with the goal of eliciting a response from consumers and, in turn, increasing consumer awareness.

For example, if your business is a retail store, you can create an advergame that looks and feels like your store. While playing your game, potential customers would be exposed to your logo and sale items, and might even receive an incentive (such as a coupon) to physically come into your store and purchase.

One advantage of an advergame is that a consumer can log into the game at any time. The repeatability of advergames helps increase the time people are exposed to the sponsoring company and keeps consumers coming back. The players of the game are not fully aware that they are being advertised as they are focused on fulfilling the objectives of the game.

Advergames come in just about every type, from reworked arcade-style classics to casual games and fast-paced action games. A unique advergaming experience is what companies need today to promote themselves.

Advergaming has become such a thriving industry that companies that specialize in developing advergames are looking for companies that are looking to have their own custom advergame campaign. Companies that develop advergames help their clients with everything from designing and developing the game, to providing demographic and tracking information about the people who play the sponsored game.

Advergaming offers businesses a unique and powerful way to engage with visitors on multiple levels. Players receive extended exposure to your company’s brand or cause, which can result in future sales. If your advergame is especially creative, visitors are more likely to tell their friends about it.

Many advergames also include the option to track each visitor’s gaming experience. This can provide a business with detailed information, which can then be used to refine an advergame for even greater exposure and impact. With so many benefits, advergames can create an exceptional brand environment for almost any product or service. And with ad game revenue expected to rise steadily over the next three years, there’s never been a better time to learn more about how they can benefit your business.

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