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Benefits of dining at local restaurants

Most cities in the United States are home to a wide range of restaurant options, including national chains and small, locally owned independent businesses. Both types offer great experiences, but dining at independently owned restaurants has some unique perks. It may be better for your health, better for the environment, and better for your local economy.

The food served in local restaurants is often produced locally, which can mean that your meals are fresher and more flavorful. For example, if the seafood you eat is fished nearby, it should never be frozen before cooking. By dining at independent restaurants, you can enjoy a delicious seafood dinner that is caught fresh a few hours before eating. Locally produced food is also likely organic, which means your meals could be healthier too. You can eat foods with fewer pesticides and preservatives. Some independent restaurants even maintain small farms and harvest their ingredients directly from their own crops.

Choosing local restaurants even helps prevent air pollution. On average, food travels about 1,500 miles before you actually eat it. Choosing independent restaurants that use food produced nearby can lower your carbon footprint because the food you eat has not shipped thousands of miles to reach your table. As a result, food can also be healthier because fruits and vegetables contain more nutrients the fresher they are.

Plus, dining at independent restaurants helps support your community’s economy. In fact, independently owned restaurants return twice as much money to the local economy per dollar as national restaurant chains. So not only is your seafood dinner from an independent restaurant cooler, it may have supported the business of water workers who live and work in the community. Similarly, if your food products are grown nearby, you are supporting the families of farmers in your community. Plus, when you support local people, the people who benefit give you back to the community. Research shows that local businesses invest their profits in the community 60 percent more than national chains.

Eating at local restaurants has many benefits. It can be healthier, tastier, better for the environment, and it can help your community thrive. Local restaurants are run by your neighbors who care about their community and contribute as much to it as you do. Additionally, local restaurants add variety to your dining options. It’s just fun trying new things and exploring all the delicious options your community has to offer!

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