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Awesome nail sticker designs and their tools

The designs and patterns that one can try with nail art are endless, and that is probably why we are completely in awe. Once you understand the essence, you will want to decorate it in the most beautiful and unique way. Some embrace the intricate floral designs and others embellish it with glitter and elegant hues. It is truly a manicure magic that we get into, with the best colors, ideas and creations that inspire many. Also, the multiple strong personalities that we bring with these nail stickers make it hard for people to handle us. From being daring and extraordinary to being sophisticated and sometimes perfect.

Check out the essentials for this beauty.

The important tools for your Nail Art Stickers kits!

• Nail Art Stickers Of course!
These art stickers come in a number of designs, especially sporting the adhesive backed look. From emoticons and floral designs to fruit cocktails and musical nails, it’s all there; all you need to do is explore. Apply it over dry nail paint and seal it with a top coat.

• Point tools
It is definitely a must! They obviously help you create very small points which are sometimes the crucial aspect to complete your overall look. The sets usually come in different sizes from five along with 10 heads.

• Rhinestones
The most fascinating part of the kit. Coming in different shapes, colors and sizes, it stands as an essential look as it adds glamor and sparkle to your style. Also, is it just me or is everyone fascinated by these tiny colored diamonds?

• Scratch tapes
They are thin ribbons that help add the metallic factor in your sophisticated manicure. These pretty ribbons come in several different colors and textures.

• Cavier beads/sprinkle beads/bullion beads
These beads are small glass beads or metal beads. They beautifully add the 3D effect on your nails and give it a unique accent. They are really glamorous when worn smoothly and enhance your appearance. So it’s a must have tool in your art kit. Nail Glue is useful in these things.

• Confetti glitter / loose glitter.
You don’t necessarily have full glitter polish, you can use it in loose powder form. With the fan brush you can sprinkle on the nail polish. You can even do the French tip filter by dipping your nails into the box of glitter, getting rid of the excess, and sealing the look with a layer of top coat.

• Nice nail polishes
One should consist of good shades for nail polishes. Always fill in the colors black and white as they are frequently used. One can add glitter or textured nail polishes along with the latest magnetic polish trend.

• Stamping set
Oh yeah! If you don’t have this, you’re not going anywhere with that sketchy look. It is true! Stamping kit contains stamping template, stamp and scraper. Stamp the pretty designs on your nails and show off the extravagant look.

• Tweezers/scissors
They are useful for picking up the small ornaments and are supposed to be a useful tool. Also decal cutting requires scissors so you can’t miss that one.

Nail Art Stickers is here to leave you dazzled and obsessed with its glamorous artistic ways. Well, if you are smart, you will surely wear this and look stylish.

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